AGM Reports


The 2019 AGM was held at the Hunter Wetlands Centre on 13 February 2019. The Annual Report, including the financial report, was tabled by Club President Robert Stewart and accepted by the membership. Members adopted a “steady as she goes” approach, re-electing all of 2018’s office bearers and committee members. Lene Parashou has filled the one vacancy, and we look forward to Lene’s contributions in the coming year. For details of the 2018 Management Committee membership,, click here.

Below are links to the Annual Report from 2010 onward and appendices where relevant.

HBOC ANNUAL Report 2018
Appendix – Shorebird Habitat Restoration

HBOC ANNUAL Report 2017
Appendix – Shorebird Habitat Restoration

HBOC ANNUAL Report 2016
Appendix A – Ash Island Project -2016 Report
Appendix B – Stockton Sandspit Project – 2016 Report

HBOC ANNUAL Report 2015
Appendix A – Ash Island Project – 2015 Report
Appendix B – Stockton Sandspit Project – 2015 Report

HBOC Annual Report 2014.pdf
Appendix  A Field Studies and Data Management 2014
Appendix B 2014 Ash Island rehabilitation
Appendix B 2014 Stockton Sandspit rehabilitation
Appendix C 2014 The Whistler Report
Appendix D 2014 HBOC Records Appraisal Committee Report

HBOC Annual Report 2013.pdf
2013 Annual Report App A_Conservation.pdf
2013 Annual Report App B_Field Studies & Data Management.pdf
2013 Annual Report App C_Ash Island Project.pdf
2013 Annual Report App C_Shorebird Roost Rehabilitation at SSS.pdf
2013 Annual Report App D_The Whistler.pdf
2013 Annual Report App E_HBOC RAC.pdf

HBOC Annual Report 2012.pdf

HBOC Annual Report 2011.pdf
2011 Annual Report_App A_Conservation.pdf
2011 Annual Report_App B_Field Studies and Data Management.pdf
2011 Annual Report_App C_ Stockton Sandspit Rehabilitation.pdf
2011 Annual Report_App C_Milhams Pond Project.pdf
2011 Annual Report_App D_The Whistler.pdf

HBOC Annual Report 2010.pdf
2010 Annual Report – Appendix A Conservation.pdf
2010 Annual Report – Appendix B Field Studies.pdf
2010 Annual Report – Appendix C MPS and SH Restoration.pdf
2010 Annual Report – Appendix C SSS Rehabilitation.pdf
2010 Annual Report – Appendix D The Whistler.pdf