From time to time certain members of Hunter Bird Observers Club are honoured by being elected to Life Membership of the Club.  All Life Membership nominations must be endorsed by the club’s management committee and then approved (elected) at an Annual General Meeting.  The following people have been elected to Life Membership:

Life Member
When Elected
Summary of Citation
Wilma Barden (dec.) 1995 Wilma was a founding member of the Club and the key driver for the Club’s formation. She became inaugural Secretary, steering the Club through its formative years and later held other elected positions – including the Club’s inaugural Records Officer, where she established systems that we continue to use today. Wilma was also a mentor for many birdwatchers.
Ed Hamonet (dec.) 1999 Ed was foundation Newsletter editor 1978-84, Treasurer 1982-87, then the Club’s Librarian for many years. Our excellent and largely irreplaceable collection is primarily due to Ed’s efforts. In 1987 after extensive research he produced the ground-breaking A Checklist of Birds of the Hunter Region. Ed also had a major role in the framing of the Club’s constitution.
Sue Hamonet 1999 Sue was the Club’s Activities Officer 1979-81 and Records Officer 1993-2013 as well as Vice-President 1992-93 and some other stints on the Management Committee. She has always been an Ambassador for the Club, representing us to the wider community through schools and other organisations and in media interviews. Sue has been a mentor for many birdwatchers.
Alan Stuart 2008 Alan was Treasurer 1988-1996, President 1998-2002 and has had various other stints on the Management Committee. He coordinates much of the Club’s field studies program. Alan produced Annual Bird Reports for the Hunter Region 1993-2017 and is now an Editor of HBOC’s journal The Whistler. He has also authored >40 papers and reports about birds in the Hunter Region.
Ann Lindsey 2010 Ann was President 1993-97 and some other stints on the Management Committee, and the Conservation Coordinator for many years. She has been a main driver of the Club’s conservation efforts, producing carefully researched submissions that have enhanced the Club’s reputation and credibility. Ann has always been an Ambassador for the Club, representing us to the wider community through media interviews and as our representative on various boards etc. Ann has also been a mentor for many birdwatchers.
Tom Clarke 2012 Tom was Secretary 1994-2006 after 2 years as a Management Committee member. As Secretary, Tom very ably represented the Club in many conservation related matters, especially relating to the Green Corridor. He now leads an active rehabilitation program which focuses on projects to restore/maintain important estuarine and woodland habitat around the Hunter Region.
Liz Crawford 2014 Liz was Vice-President 1999-2002, President 2003-06 and some other stints on the Management Committee. She was Newsletter Editor 2010-14 and has been Production Manager for the Club’s journal The Whistler since its inception in 2007. Liz was a key driver in 1999 for the Club to start monthly systematic surveys of the Hunter Estuary; the Club’s reputation has become considerably enhanced as a result of these long-term surveys.
Mike Newman 2017 Mike has  long championed the study, documenting and protection of Hunter Region birdlife, leading by example and mentoring many others. He has authored more than 40 papers about his long-term studies at sites such as Green Wattle Creek, Morpeth and Warekeila. As an Editor of HBOC’s journal The Whistler 2008-2018, Mike encouraged and coached many new authors while at the same time enhancing The Whistler‘s reputation as a high quality publication.