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HBOC Activities 2018 summary

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Health and Safety

When attending field outings, ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing, including wet weather gear in inclement weather, and suitable footwear. It is advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and to carry water.

Please sign the attendance register at field outings and also at meetings.

If you leave an outing early, please let the leader know before you go.

Participants attend at their own risk and should refrain from any behaviour that might put themselves or others at risk. That includes assessing whether they have the level of fitness required for the advertised outing. If in doubt contact the leader beforehand.


December 2017
5 December
 Mid-Week Outing – Tilligherry Habitat 7.30 am King Albert Avenue, Tanilba Bay
Lunch afterwards
 Pam Hill  4984 5270
6 December
 Management Committee Meeting 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Garden Suburbs School
Allan Richardson 0459 806176
All members welcome
13 December
 Xmas Club Night  7.00pm The Wetlands Centre  Topic: Members’ Night – bring your slides, anecdotes, videos and a plate to share the festive spirit
16 December
 Hunter Wader Survey 7.30 am Ash Island and Tomago
8.00 am Other locations as directed
Alan Stuart 0409 978 171 – Ash Island
Dan Williams 0408 023 262 – Kooragang
Jack Adams 4971 5334 – Swansea
Jenny Powers 4944 7274 – Stockton
Sue Hamonet 4958 1023 – Swan Bay
Steven Cox 0409 848 390 – Tomago
Ann Lindsey 4951 2008 – Hexham
17 December
 Minmi/Pambalong  7.30 am Minmi Pub  Greg Little 0414 562169
19 December
 Tomago Wetland Survey  7.30am Entry to Tomago House Ann Lindsey 4951 2008
Please ring to confirm