Hunter Bird Observers Club has an active Conservation Committee which prepares submissions to proposed developments that will adversely affect birds and their habitats. Submissions are also made to government authorities involved in assessing existing environmental legislation, in proposing changes to land tenure that might adversely affect birds, or in scoping future coal and gas development. Examples of submissions are provided below.

Submission Port Stephens Council

Maitland City Council June 2019

Arcadia Park Submission Feb 2019

Toondah-Harbour-11th Dec 2018

Faunal extinction Sept 2018

Travelling Stock Routes Review Submission June 2017
Travelling-Stock- Routes-Review-Submission-2017-06.pdf

HBOC submission NSW Biodiversity Reforms Regulations June 2017

Fernleigh Extension

Newcastle Wetlands Reserve
Newcastle Wetland Reserve 2013 11.pdf

Game and Feral Animals Control Act
Game HBOC response re game species 2013 11.pdf

Proposed Logging in National Parks May 2013

Proposed changes to Environmental Legislation Sept 2012
Protect the things you love 2012 09 – Tony Burke.pdf

Proposed Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) Coal Terminal Rail Flyover Modification June 2012
BirdLife Australia Submission to NCIG PAC_20130507.pdf
NCIG Rail Flyover Modification_Submission to PAC_20130507.pdf
NCIG RFM Mod2_Submission to Dept Planning_201207.pdf
NCIG referral 2012 07 Letter_Final.pdf

Proposed Port Waratah Coal Services Terminal 4 Coal Loader 2012-2013
T4 submission final_2013_11.pdf
T4 Letter to DoP 20-04-2012.pdf
T4 submission_final_2012 04.pdf

Members’ Submissions Apr & May 2012
PWCS T4 Submission_Maddock_201204.pdf
PWCS T4 Submission_Jim Smart_20120506.pdf
PWCS T4 Submission_Crawford_Herbert_20120507.pdf
PWCS T4 Submission_Newman_201204.pdf

Coal and Gas Strategy Scope 2011
Coal and Gas Strategy Scoping Submission_2011.pdf

Proposed Warkworth Open-cut Coal Mine Extension
Warkworth Continuation Project Submission 20140804.pdf
Warkworth Ext_PlanningAssessCommission_20111110.pdf

Hunter Wetlands National Park Boundary Change for Proposed Industrial Railway
Area E reply from DSEWPC_20111122.JPG
Area E_HBOC_reply to DSEWPC_20120127.pdf

Soldiers Point Marina Extension
HBOC submission to PSC, Soldiers Point Marina (DA 16-2015-585-1)<
HBOC submission to PSC re Soldiers Point Marina (DA 16-2012-57 1)
HBOC Soldiers Point Extension Letter_April 2013

Hunter Estuary Development Issues 2003-2004

Hunter Estuary Management Study Plan 2004