Club Meetings

Most of our monthly meetings at the Wetlands Centre feature a guest speaker informing us of some interesting aspects about birds. (Guest Speakers: For general background information about the location, equipment available, etc click here: HBOC info for guest speakers)

Sometimes the talk will focus on the birds of some region within Australia or overseas (including to describe a birdwatching trip the speaker has done). Other times, the talks are focused onto a particular species or a particular guild of birds; they help our members develop better understandings of how to identify those birds and/or to understand better about their behaviours, habitat requirements, etc.

Some speakers are able to make available to us a copy of their presentation and/or the notes they used to prepare it.  As these are usually very interesting presentations, we now are uploading them here, with permission from the speaker. If you wish to cite any information from a presentation you should contact the presenter first.

10 October 2018 Ákos Lumnitzer:  birds of prey photography. His book, called Remarkable Raptors, is available here: and his website is at:

12 September 2018  Alan Stuart: endemic birds of Sri Lanka. Some birds of Sri Lanka

9 August 2017 Grahame Feletti gave us a a very interesting talk on the bird life history of Belmont Lagoon. Use your left & right direction arrow keys to navigate the presentation.

8 June 2016  Alan Stuart: birds of the Gloucester Tops. Birds of the Gloucester Tops

13 April 2016  Hollis Taylor: The calls of the Pied Butcherbird.  For general information visit her website:

12 August 2015  Yuna Kim: The extraordinary live. http://ws of Gould’s Petrel. Yuna Kim’s presentation on Gould’s Petrels

13 May 2015  Rich Fuller: Are our shorebirds disappearing? (a close version of Rich’s presentation is available at this link:

11 March 2015  Grahame Feletti: Is a local golf course a good place to study birds?  Grahame Feletti Notes from HBOC presentation on Charlestown Golf Club birds

11 February 2015  Laura Rayner: Conserving Woodland Birds in the ACT Laura Rayner presentation & notes