HBOC encourages birdwatchers to identify and publish new knowledge relating to Australian native birds or about their habitats.  Our focus is on birds within the Hunter Region. There are several ways that knowledge may be communicated:

  • Quickly share some basic details with others via the Club’s main communication forums (hunterbirding, newsletter, monthly meeting). Often the information will later become collated into that year’s Hunter Region Bird Report (which is distributed to all HBOC members plus to various libraries).
  • Write something for a Club newsletter (which is distributed to all HBOC members plus to various other bird clubs).
  • Write a Short Note (or a longer article) for the Club’s journal The Whistler (which is distributed to all HBOC members plus to libraries internationally). Please discuss with a current editor before starting on this.
  • Prepare a detailed HBOC Special Report which will go onto our website (please discuss with the current Club President before starting on this).
  • Where there is new knowledge that is of national or international significance, rather than merely a regional significance, we encourage people to submit articles to a relevant national or international journal instead of to The Whistler.

The Whistler has its own section on the HBOC website. The sub-pages of this “Other publications” section include downloadable copies of HBOC newsletters, annual bird reports and some articles about Hunter Region birds, and links to articles published in some other journals.