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Hunterbirding is a Yahoo Group which was established by HBOC in 2009 to facilitate knowledge sharing within the birding community of the Hunter Region. It is primarily a mailing list through which members can email each other discussion on the following subjects:

  • Bird sightings within the Hunter Region;
  • Birding sites within the Hunter Region;
  • Bird identification;
  • Bird conservation;
  • Any other relevant topic.
[/double_angle_list] To sign up for hunterbirding and take part in these discussions and benefit from up-to-date birding news in the region, visit hunterbirding and follow the on-site instructions.

Alternatively you can sign up for hunterbirding by sending a blank email to
You will then receive an email asking for verification that you wish to become a member of hunterbirding. Simply reply to this email with another blank email and await your membership acceptance from the moderator.

Members of hunterbirding may choose to receive individual emails or a daily summary of the emails.

Join hunterbirding today and benefit from communicating with other birders in the region.