From time to time, some members of HBOC produce Special Reports, involving detailed analysis of some aspects of Hunter Region birdlife. HBOC Special Reports are approved for publication by the Club’s President in consultation with the Editor/s of The Whistler.

Also in this section we list recent (and some older) publications elsewhere which directly relate to birds in the Hunter Region. In some cases we have uploaded the publication or a link to it; in other cases we suggest you contact the author to arrange a copy.


No 1. Birds of Ash Island
No 2. Shorebirds of Port Stephens
No 3. Birds of Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms
No 4. Birds of Hunter Estuary
No 5. Seabirds of the Hunter Region
No 6. Monitoring Rufous Scrub-birds in Barrington Tops & Gloucester Tops in the 2010-11 Season
No 7. Kooragang Island Bird Counts 1969-77


Publications about Hunter Region birds (post-2000)


Stuart & O’Leary (2019).  A method for investigating Rufous Scrub-birds using automated recording and rapid, semi-automated data analysis
Stuart (2018). Sizes of some Rufous Scrub-bird singing areas in the Gloucester Tops
Fraser (2018). Mambo Wetlands threatened bird species.
Stuart & Newman (2018).  Spring bird communities in the Gloucester Tops.
Stuart & Newman (2018). Rufous Scrub-birds in the Gloucester Tops: Findings from surveys in 2010-2016.
Drake-Brockman (2015). Curracabundi National Park.
Newman, Stuart & Hill (2014). Monitoring Rufous Scrub-birds at the extremities of their range in NSW


Download issues of Stilt here
Stuart (2017). Red-necked Avocet Recurvirostra novaehollandiae in the Hunter Estuary of New South Wales. Stilt 71: 3-8.
Crawford, L. & Herbert, C. (2017). Red Knot on migration through the Hunter Estuary, New South Wales. Stilt 71: 14-24.
Stuart (2016). Records of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers Calidris acuminata in the Hunter estuary, New South Wales. Stilt 68: 18-21.
Stuart, Wooding and Takurou (2015). Nocturnal foraging by Grey-tailed Tattlers Tringa brevipes. Stilt 67: 28-30.
Stuart (2014). Manning Estuary Population Counts 2008-2013. Stilt 65: 38-40.
Stuart et al. (2013) Hunter Estuary Population Counts 1999-2010. Stilt 63-64: 46-49.
Newman & Lindsey (2011) Ten-year study of shorebirds at Morpeth WTW. Stilt 60: 37-45.
Stuart (2011) Shorebird surveys at Port Stephens 2004-2011. Stilt 60: 14-21.
Stuart (2010). Australian Pied Oystercatchers in Hunter Region. Stilt 57: 18-20.
Stuart (2005). Survey of shorebirds Port Stephens February 2004. Stilt 47: 20-25.


Kendall and van Gessel (1972) The Birds of Kooragang Island – Preliminary Report May 1972.pdf
Van Gessel and Kendall (1972) A Checklist of the Birds of Kooragang Island August 1972.PDF
Van Gessel and Kendall (1972) A Checklist of the Birds of Kooragang Island – Supplement No 1 Nov 1972.pdf
Van Gessel and Kendall (1974) Kooragang Island Supplement 2.pdf
Gosper (1981) Birds of Hunter & Richmond Rivers.pdf
The Birds of Belmont Swamp 1997-1999. M.K.Laverick.pdf 9MB file!


TOCAL Bring Back Birds.pdf
TOCAL Farm Dams.pdf
TOCAL Remnant Native Vegetation.pdf