Bird Image Library (BIL)

CLICK HERE to access the BIL On-line Galleries – low resolution versions of the images in the Bird Image Library. NB high resolution images are available for use by HBOC members for approved purposes.

The Hunter Bird Observer’s Club has for many years maintained a collection of photographic images contributed by members of the Club. It now contains many thousands of images.  They are available for use for approved educational and promotional activities by HBOC members on behalf of HBOC. If there is an image that you would like to use for an approved educational and promotional purpose, contact the BIL Manager (at to make arrangements.

Photography is becoming a significant activity in HBOC and generally amongst bird watchers worldwide.  HBOC encourages members to contribute their images so that we can increase the number of species and sub-species represented in the Library, and have examples of all the various plumage patterns that occur for a species.

Photography sub-committee Terms of Reference.

Conditions for Use of Images

HBOC’s bird image Library includes both digital and printed copies (A3) of images. HBOC Members are encouraged to contribute to this wonderful resource by submitting their own images of wild Australian birds.

HBOC has adopted the BLA Ethical Birding Guidelines and supports the Birdlife Photograph policy for “Nesting Bird Photography and the use of Call Playback to observe and/or Photograph Native Birds”.

Photographs included in the collection may be used for the following purpose(s);

  1. HBOC publications, newsletters, magazines, birding routes, fundraisers, Club Night presentations, annual reports and other publicity or promotional material
  2. HBOC website, HBOC Facebook page and HBOC low resolution bird image gallery.

Any requests for images from an external party or of a commercial nature will be redirected to the individual photographer (copyright owner).

In order to protect these images and the owners copyright the following process will be followed.

HBOC Responsibility

  1. HBOC agrees to store your images securely in the Bird Image Library with backup copies of the images kept by a small number of HBOC Management Committee members tasked with using images for the purposes outlined above.
  2. Where possible all images will be credited to the photographer. However when images are used in a composite montage the photographers’ credit will be included as acknowledgement on the promotional material.
  3. Images displayed on the internet will be small resolution files (sufficient to prevent usable downloads)
  4. To keep the BIL manageable and relevant, HBOC reserves the right to delete images no longer required.

Copyright Owner Responsibility

  1. Images that are of commercial or competition quality should not be contributed to the Library unless you agree to the conditions of usage
  2. Photographs must be in JPEG format and of reasonable quality and size (in focus and at least 1MB). The use for poor quality images is restricted.
  3. Images of rare species will be accepted regardless of quality until better images can be found.
  4. Provide information to the BIL Manager about the location the image was taken. This is important for identification of subspecies etc.
  5. You need to agree to the conditions of usage by signing the HBOC Non-exclusive Licence. This agreement can be terminated by either party with one months’ notice and on such event HBOC will return all material supplied by the copyright owner, destroy copies and would refrain from further use of the photographs from that date.
  6. It is the photographer’s responsibility to follow up any breach of copyright.
  7. Unless otherwise notified the use of your images, under the conditions outlined above, extends for the life of the copyright which is 70 years after death.

 HBOC Bird Image Library (BIL) Manager Responsibility

  1. All new images will only be added to the collection after the Non-exclusive Licence has been signed. Signing the Licence Form is a one-off requirement for each photographer and the Form will be kept on file by the HBOC Secretary.
  2. All new images must be checked for correct species identification and that the metadata copyright fields are completed.
  3. If Necessary a Watermark may be added to the image with a low opacity copyright notice e.g. © photographers name.
  4. Information is to be recorded on the image specifying name of species and location photograph taken. This allows several searchable fields.
  5. Periodically updated copies of the BIL will be provided to HBOC Management Committee members tasked with using images.
  6. Images will only be released by the BIL Manager for projects or requests approved by the HBOC Management Committee
  7. Printed A3 images displayed on Club Nights will be donated to HBOC BIL Print Collection unless otherwise agreed with the photographer.

Images contributed to the print collection may also be submitted to the HBOC BIL.
Contact the HBOC Bird Image Library Manager Rob Palazzi, for more details.