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HBOC’s main vehicle for members to report the results from their bird-study projects is the journal The Whistler which is published approximately annually. Copies of The Whistler are made available to natural history libraries around the world and to selected conservation-focussed organisations in Australia. For each issue, all the current members of HBOC receive a free hard copy. We encourage members and non members to submit articles relating in some way to birds of the Hunter Region. Instructions to Authors are provided as a separate pdf below and are also at the back of every issue below.

Index of articles in The Whistler Issues 1 to 10

Instructions to Authors

The Whistler 1_2007_Sec.pdf (1.6MB)
The Whistler 2_2008_sec.pdf (4.2MB)
The Whistler 3_2009.pdf (5.3MB)
The Whistler 4_2010.pdf (4.9MB)
Status of Threatened Species in the Hunter Region (Roderick & Stuart 2010).pdf (406KB)
The Whistler 5_2011.pdf (6.9MB)
The Whistler 6 2012.pdf (6.4MB)
The Whistler 7 2013.pdf (3.5MB)
The Whistler 8 2014.pdf (3.9MB)
The Whistler 9 2015.pdf (4.1MB)
The Whistler 10 2016.pdf (7.1MB)

HBOC would like to acknowledge the support of NSW Local Land Services (Hunter)
in the printing of The Whistler 10.