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HBOC’s main vehicle for members to report the results from their bird-study projects is the journal The Whistler which is published approximately annually. Copies of The Whistler are made available to natural history libraries around the world and to selected conservation-focussed organisations in Australia. For each issue, all the current members of HBOC receive a free hard copy. We encourage members and non members to submit articles relating in some way to birds of the Hunter Region. Instructions to Authors are provided as a separate pdf below and are also at the back of every issue below.

Index of articles in The Whistler Issues 1 to 11

Instructions to Authors

The Whistler 1_2007_Sec.pdf (1.6MB)
The Whistler 2_2008_sec.pdf (4.2MB)
The Whistler 3_2009.pdf (5.3MB)
The Whistler 4_2010.pdf (4.9MB)
Status of Threatened Species in the Hunter Region (Roderick & Stuart 2010).pdf (406KB)
The Whistler 5_2011.pdf (6.9MB)
The Whistler 6 2012.pdf (6.4MB)
The Whistler 7 2013.pdf (3.5MB)
The Whistler 8 2014.pdf (3.9MB)
The Whistler 9 2015.pdf (4.1MB)
The Whistler 10 2016.pdf (7.1MB)
The Whistler 11 2017.pdf (4.8MB)

HBOC would like to acknowledge the support of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure GroupĀ inĀ the printing of The Whistler 11.