The Whistler Volume 11 (2017)

Download pdf of entire volume: The Whistler 11 2017 (4.8MB)

HBOC acknowledges the support of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group in the printing of The Whistler 11.

Table of Contents

Title Authors Pages PDF
Editorial 0 PDF
Cooperative feeding among juvenile Australasian Figbirds J. Nichols and A. Williams 60 PDF
Brush Bronzewing at Belmont, NSW: recent field notes G. Feletti 57-59 PDF
Comparison of two ephemeral wetlands in the lower Manning Valley A. Stuart 54-56 PDF
Results from surveys for terrestrial birds on Broughton Island, 2012-2016 A. Stuart, T. Clarke, F. van Gessel, G. Little, N. Fraser and A. Richardson 46-53 PDF
Birds of Forest Road, Duns Creek 2008-2014 M. Newman 36-45 PDF
A record (2002-2009) of the birds of the Tank Paddock site within the Green Corridor, Lower Hunter Valley NSW J. Powers and L. Date-Huxtable 26-35 PDF
Observations of Little Tern nesting at Winda Woppa, Port Stephens, 2016-2017 N. Fraser 15-25 PDF
Observations of Noisy Pitta nestlings through to fledging R. Kyte 10-14 PDF
Brahminy Kite nesting at Port Stephens, NSW: extension of southerly breeding range L. Wooding 1-9 PDF