The Whistler Volume 5 (2011)

Download pdf of entire volume: The Whistler 5_2011.pdf (6.9MB)

Table of Contents

Title Authors Pages PDF
Editorial PDF
Observations of White-throated Treecreeper behaviour G. Newling 61 PDF
Unrecorded behaviour of Jacky Winter M. Newman 60 PDF
Pied Currawong’s larder A. Lindsey 59 PDF
Robbing behaviour by Australian Pelicans A. Stuart 58 PDF
Swamp Harrier attempting to take a Pacific Black Duck M. Newman 57 PDF
Swamp Harrier – unusual food? R. McLean and A. Lindsey 57 PDF
Miscellaneous notes on the behaviour of Black and Brown Falcons and Nankeen Kestrels H. Tarrant 55-56 PDF
Notes on human cover for raptors and their potential prey G. Newling 53-54 PDF
Chestnut Teal count – March 2011 A. Lindsey and M. Roderick 51-52 PDF
Seabirds of the Hunter Region A. Stuart 45-50 PDF
Changes in the bird population of Blackbutt Reserve, 1973-2011 J. Nicholls 39-44 PDF
Changes in the bird population of Bolwarra, 1994-2011 H. Tarrant 28-38 PDF
Monitoring the Rufous Scrub-bird in the Barrington Tops and Gloucester Tops IBA – a pilot study M. Newman and A. Stuart 19-27 PDF
A ten-year study of herons, spoonbills and ibis at the Morpeth Wastewater Treatment Works near Maitland, NSW M. Newman and A. Lindsey 10-18 PDF
A new Cattle Egret breeding colony at Gloucester, NSW P. Drake-Brockman 8-9 PDF
Breeding population decline in Cattle Egrets nesting at Seaham Swamp Nature Reserve and Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia M. Maddock 1-7 PDF