The Whistler Volume 6 (2012)

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Table of Contents

Title Authors Pages PDF
Editorial PDF
Flocking of Jacky Winter in paddocks during winter M. Newman 61-62 PDF
Observation of White-throated Nightjars at Tahlee, New South Wales M. Roderick and L. Filewood 59-60 PDF
White-faced Herons fledge two broods in one season P. Drake-Brockman 58-59 PDF
Atypical habitat for an Australian Pelican colony A. Stuart, G. Crisp and B. Crisp 57-58 PDF
Distraction behaviour by Variegated Fairy-wrens J. Nicholls 56 PDF
Cattle Egret breeding at Gloucester, NSW sustained at increased level in 2011/12 P. Drake-Brockman 54-55 PDF
Olive groves – habitat for Speckled Warbler and other birds M. Newman 49-53 PDF
The status of the Pink-eared Duck in the Hunter Region M. Newman 46-48 PDF
Observations of Regent Honeyeaters in the lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales during winter 2012 M. Roderick and D. Ingwersen 44-45 PDF
Pacific Black Ducks: insights on their behaviour in an urban backyard G. Feletti and A. Feletti 39-43 PDF
Australian Pied Oystercatchers leapfrog to reproductive success in the Worimi Conservation Lands N. Russell and R. George 35-38 PDF
Development of a non-intrusive method for investigating the calling patterns of Rufous Scrub-birds A. Stuart, M. Newman, P. Struik and I. Martin 24-34 PDF
A census of waterbird populations (2003-2012) at Walka Recreation and Wildlife Reserve near Maitland, NSW P. Baird, J. Smart and L. Mee 11-23 PDF
Birds of Tomago Wetlands, Hunter Wetlands National Park 2007-2012 A. Lindsey and N. McNaughton 1-10 PDF