The Whistler Volume 13 (2019)

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HBOC acknowledges the support of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group in the printing of The Whistler 13.

Table of Contents

Title Authors Pages PDF
Editorial PDF
A review of Sooty Oystercatcher on the Hunter Region coastline of New South Wales, Australia L. Wooding 83-93 PDF
Foraging behaviour by Grey Fantail at the Sugarloaf State Conservation Area, NSW R. Kyte 81-82 PDF
Why is the Pallid Cuckoo declining in the Hunter Region, but relatively stable in Tasmania? M. Newman 69-80 PDF
Changes in wetland use by shorebirds following mangrove removal, Area E, Ash Island, New South Wales P. Reid 62-68 PDF
Recent high counts of Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in the Hunter Estuary A. Stuart 56-61 PDF
Mimicry in Regent Honeyeaters: is it really mimicry after all? R. Crates 50-55 PDF
Observations of Black-necked Stork breeding in the Hunter Estuary at Tomago NSW A. Lindsey 38-49 PDF
Occupancy at two Rufous Scrub-bird territories in the Gloucester Tops A. Stuart 35-37 PDF
Spring bird surveys in the Gloucester Tops A. Stuart and M. Newman 26-34 PDF


Movements of an immature Black-necked Stork
taken into care and later released
A. Lindsey 24-25 PDF
Colonial nesting birds at the Hunter Wetlands Centre G. Nicholls 22-23 PDF
Beach Stone-curlew at Soldiers Point, Port Stephens: breeding records and behavioural observations T. Murray 17-21 PDF
Cattle Egret colony at Cundletown NSW A. Stuart 16 PDF
A baseline study of the birds of Tahlee and surrounds (north-western Port Stephens, New South Wales) S. Fleming 10-15



Brahminy Kites: two consecutive breeding seasons at Port Stephens NSW, compared L. Wooding 1-9 PDF