The Whistler Volume 12 (2018)

Download pdf of entire volume:  The Whistler 12 2018 (6.6 MB)

HBOC acknowledges the support of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group in the printing of The Whistler 12.

Table of Contents

Title Authors Pages PDF
Editorial 0 PDF
Latham’s Snipe counts at Irrawang Swamp, NSW M. Maddock and M. Newman 63-65 PDF
Some recent breeding observations of threatened shorebird species in Port Stephens N. Fraser and A. Stuart 61-62 PDF
Does the Black-headed Pardalote Pardalotus striatus melanocephalus occur in the Hunter Region? A. Stuart 59-60 PDF
The birds of Mambo Wetlands Reserve, Port Stephens N. Fraser 50-58 PDF
Birdlife at Belmont Wetlands State Park G.Feletti 43-49



Some observations of Australian Pied Oystercatcher on Worimi Conservation Lands N. Fraser and A. Lindsey 35-42 PDF
Early Hunter Region avian records Part 4. 1951-1980 Articles in The Emu A. Stuart 27-34 PDF
Do nest boxes facilitate breeding success in the Hunter Valley? Common Mynas versus native parrots F. Lermite and A. Griffin 22-26 PDF
Geolocators track Ruddy Turnstone to Newcastle, NSW en route to King Island (Tasmania) K. Gosbell, S. Lisovski and C. Minton 16-21 PDF
Winners and losers – Changes in the bird population on removing cattle from woodland near Paterson NSW M. Newman and R. Cunningham 7-15 PDF
Fledging of Galahs nesting in a suburban environment near Newcastle, NSW K. Pryor 1-6 PDF