Birding Routes Brochures

 Ash Is Birding Route.pdf

 Newcastle City Birding Route.pdf

 Newcastle Coastline Birding.pdf

 Westlakes Birding Route.pdf

 Eastlakes Birding Route.pdf 

Maitland_Bird Route.pdf

Port Stephens South Bird Route.pdf

Scone_Bird Route.pdf 

Cattai_Wetlands Bird Route.pdf 






The Whistler

    Index of articles in The Whistler Issues 1 to 7.docx

    The Whistler 1_2007_Sec.pdf (1.6MB)

    The Whistler 2_2008_sec.pdf (4.2MB)

   The Whistler 3_2009.pdf (5.3MB)

    The Whistler 4_2010.pdf  (4.9MB)

   Status Threatened Species_Roderick and Stuart_2010.pdf (406KB)

    The Whistler 5_2011.pdf  (6.9MB)

    The Whistler 6 2012.pdf  (6.4MB)

    The Whistler 7 2013.pdf  (3.5MB)



Birds of Ash Island_Stuart 2002.pdf (0.4 MB)

Shorebirds of Port Stephens_Stuart 2004.pdf (1.3 MB)

Birds of Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms HBOC.pdf (4.5 MB)

Birds of Hunter Estuary_Herbert 2007.pdf (2.6 MB)

Seabirds of the Hunter Region.pdf

Monitoring Rufous Scrub-birds in Barrington Tops & Gloucester Tops in the  2010-11 Season.pdf 


Hunter region bird Publications 

List of recent publications about Hunter Region birds.docx

Newman et al (2014) Rufous Scrub-bird Monitoring.pdf 


Publications in stilt  

Download at

Stuart et al. (2013) Hunter Estuary Population Counts 1999-2010. Stilt 63-64: 46-49.

Newman & Lindsey (2011) Ten-year study of shorebirds at Morpeth WTW. Stilt 60: 37-45.

Stuart (2011) Shorebird surveys at Port Stephens 2004-2011. Stilt 60: 14-21.

Stuart (2010). Australian Pied Oystercatchers in Hunter Region. Stilt 57: 18-20.

Stuart (2005). Survey of shorebirds Port Stephens February 2004. Stilt 47: 20-25.



Kendall and van Gessel (1972) The Birds of Kooragang Island - Preliminary Report May 1972.pdf

Van Gessel and Kendall (1972) A Checklist of the Birds of Kooragang Island August 1972.PDF 

Van Gessel and Kendall (1972) A Checklist of the Birds of Kooragang Island - Supplement No 1 Nov 1972.pdf

  Van Gessel and Kendall (1974) Kooragang Island Supplement 2.pdf

Gosper (1981) Birds of Hunter Richmond Rivers.pdf